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Leather cleaning

Leather cleaning

We care about your importance to cleanliness. We care about the health you will feel when you return to a clean home. Because cleanliness is our business. Our expertise is based on experience and we have systems suitable for all types of cleaning jobs. Every member of our team is trained and undergoes regular health and safety checks to ensure your safety and we are nea certified and we keep up to date with the latest guidance

Our laundry detailing solutions include:

Experienced team

Water repellent for only applications

Repairs and alterations for leather, suede

Get the leather garment cleaning?

Personal experience

Apply mild leather cleaner to the surface, work with a lint-free cloth, and dry. You can also use a damp lint-free cloth. After letting it air dry, apply a conditioner to improve the leather's appearance.
Pigmented leather
Suede leather
Aniline leather